Saturday, October 16, 2010

Speeding up ppm module installation

Now that I have to (not that I want to) work on Windows, I am doing what I can to make my experience on it as comfortable as it was on Ubuntu - at least for the command line part. So a few initial posts will contain links, tips and all that I did to break the barriers of cmd.exe. Irony - I am blogging from my roommate's stylish Dell Studio XPS which is running Ubuntu :)

I recently installed Active state Perl and while playing along I tried to do a few module installations. Invoking ppm-shell gives you a cpan shell like prompt where in you can install all the modules that Active state has to offer. A serious pain in this process is that after downloading and installing each module, it generates HTML as a part of its document repository and this slows down the installation to a great extent.

And what does that deny you? No more under 30 second installs of File::ReadBackwards and trying to see if the apache access log when read backwards spouts out satanic verses. :)

So I did what I do when I am caught in a fix like this - Seek the wisdom of the monks. And as always, I leave the monastery with a happy grin. Following is the link to my post and the replies:

Perl monks query

I have always got a reply to my queries on within 2-3 hours of my posting a question. I guess that's their unwritten SLA :)

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