Sunday, September 27, 2015

Blogspot - we need to talk

Dear blogspot,

We need to talk. I have been meaning to tell you this for quite some time. Everytime I typed in this WYSIWYG word editor and accidentally did an esc+j followed by a Homer Simpson "doh" reminding me that it isn't vim, my heart shed a tear. I tried using addons, plugins but you didn't budge. I even did a one-night stand with wordpress - but she didn't even let me muck around with her plugins, the way you did - I'll give you that. But I had to wait an eternity to get code syntax highlighting enabled with you.

Before you think that this is just my usual rant and I will soon be drafting another post through this rich-text-editor of yours, you are mistaken. I've... I've met someone. And she/he/it/they let me type in markdown. You can't hear me but I say this with a lump in my throat while I weep tears of joy. I get to type my posts in vim (don't cringe - you know I've loved vim right from the start). And I get to check them in via git.


I am leaving you. I can't stand this white box peppered with small-t-big-T, font-size, bold, italics buttons anymore. I am moving on.

I am going to github pages. Now, now, don't play that single-sign-on card with me. git global credential cache is good enough for everyone.

As far as the custody of our existing posts go - I think it would be better for both of us if I slowly migrate each of them to their new home. You can come over whenever you want. Which I know you never will.

This is where I live now -

This is what I am leaving you for - a repo of my works -

We had a good run. We really did. But I don't belong here.

So long and thanks for everything.


P.S: I will still host on you - take care of that for me.


shuvam said...

"We need to talk". Said in sombre, slightly distracted tones. Probably the most potent sentence in 21st century relationship lingo. Up there in the top ranks with FaceBook's relationship status: "It's complicated".

Hope your new love will calm your restless spirit. :-D

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